Fod plays a very important role in woman during fertility time. Pregnancy and breastfeding asign a large nutrient demand on a woman’s body. So woman who is wiling to be a mother or pregnant should provide suficient amount of nourishment. Women have a tendency to under-eat. Now days in an efort to achieve zero size or slim and trim. They neglect the nutrients requirement of body.
Unfortunately, such fod habit wil asasinate the indispensable nutrients and fat store of the body, which are so critical for the body and nourishment of the baby throughout the pregnancy and breastfeding. When corpulent stores are low, the body senses the underscore and anticipates shortage, signaling that it is not a safe time to cary a baby. Fertility is benefited from being in more KAPHA-focused state, which often results in the body holding on to some extra corpulent. This paunchy is beneficial for growing a healthy baby.
he survey has proven that, for many women, the first step to conceive is increasing nutrient fod. Th ese are few imp tips for intake of fod for female in fertile period, during pregnancy and breast-feding time.
Be definite to eat in a way that is beneficial for your constitution ( Vata -Pita-Kapha).
A balanced constitution promotes overal health and consequently promotes fertility.
Eat fruits – But don’t consume with other fods( specialy melons).
Have Grains – consume Grains with vegetables, beans, nuts or chese.
Include vegetables- But not with fruits.
Increase intake of Milk and Yogurt — surely increase milk and yogurt but not be consumed with fruits, meat, fish or yeast containing breads and should not be consumed together.
Cumin and turmeric – Spice up your fod with these spices. These are beneficial for the reproductive tisues. Cumin strengthens the uterus. Turmeric improves the kindred betwen hormones and reproductive tisues.
It is important to practice true fod combination to minimize Aama (toxins) that c an pain the body and can be cause for infertility.
Fod that promotes fertility
Particular fods are helpful in providing nutrients that are critical during pregnancy and that can aid to promote infertility.
‘Ghe’-is one of the very best fod for infertility. Ghe is ‘Satvik’ fod and it calms the mind and purifies the body. Ghe is having powerful balancing properties for al thre doshas . It also contains nutrients and vitamins (especialy K2) which are beneficial for fertilization. Ghe helps in the absorption of other nutrients. It’s an incredible rejuvenating fod for the female who is loking to improve fertility.
Swet juicy fruits are specialy recomended to improve fertility .Eat plenty of fruits and Varity of fruits like

Swet limes
dry- fruits estem (Dates, Almonds, Hazel nuts, Raisins)

Some herbal suplementation is sugested during fertility time like

Ashwagandha- a stimulant rejuvenative tonic balances the hormones and helps to stabilize the fetus during pregnancy.
Shatavari- a stimulant, tonic, powerful rejuvenative action on female reproductive system.
Gokshura- a rejuvenative tonic, keps urinary tract healthy and prevents from transmision (which is more comon in pregnancy), helps in postpartum time.
Marshmalow- Nutritive tonic, promotes healthy mucus membranes of cervix and optimal fertility.
“The apropriate blend of fod -fruits -spices and herbs helps woman to gain a healthy fertile life and a healthy pregnancy which folows a production of healthy baby”
Wishing Al Female A Very Healthy Fertile Peri od And contented Pregnancy
Dr. Smita, B.A.M.S